Apps for wellbeing

Whether it’s body or mind, we’ve grabbed some top apps and put them to the Healthy Kids road test.

Mind health

Stop, Breathe & Think

A free tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion. We think this app is very easy to use and like the quick meditations of around five minutes to get you back to earth feeling calm, cool and collected. We also love the idea that we have our own force field!

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a free mindfulness meditation app for young people to help combat stress, improve focus and increase resilience. We love the calming and relaxing voice of this app and have to fight off falling into a relaxed sleep. It’s also very easy to use.


“We are what we repeatedly do.” This app is all about rewiring your brain by regularly practising awareness of the positive things in life. We like how easy it is to enter your ‘five good things’ and that you get a nudge to remind you to do your entry for the day just in case you forget.

Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well

This app is all about improving mood and energy levels in a six-week personalised program. It helps to improve the sleep/wake routine with daily goals to get you rolling out of bed quick smart. We all want a little more energy and this worked pretty well to get us up and out of bed on the double.

Body health


FoodSwitch gives you information on foods and tips to make healthier choices. It incorporates the Health Star Rating system and traffic light labels. We like that it helps you pick healthier versions of prepackaged foods with ease. You can also decide what you want to focus on – salt, energy, fat or sugar as well as gluten, which is great for those with coeliac disease.

That Sugar App

That Sugar App is designed to help increase awareness and encourage healthier choices by showing the amount of ‘hidden’ sugars in prepackaged foods. A great one for awareness of sugar in food. We ran around the office scanning everything possible. It’s lots of fun and easy to use. Need we say more?

Awesome Eats (Whole Kids Foundation)

Learn about fruit and veggies as well as health facts and tips, while playing through different levels of the game. Although it’s for younger kids, we found this app addictive and fun to play. We like the nutrition facts and that it feels more fun than educational.

Exercise apps (there are LOTS of apps out there to track exercise, but our favourite two free apps are below)…

Stretches Timer

None of us are good at tracking how long we stretch for in the office when we’re all chatting. This app lets you know when the time is up and to move onto the next stretch.


Track your activity from walking, cycling to swimming and more. Map your activity with a GPS and find out how you compare with your friends. This is nice and easy with lots of statistics at the end of your exercise session to beat next time.