Policies and regulations

Our state and federal government have policies in place to help guide canteens with their business plans and nutrition policies.

1) Registering as a food business

In NSW and the ACT, canteens need to register as a food business to comply with government regulations. Follow these links to learn more.





2) Canteen strategies by state/territory

Each state and territory has developed and implemented nutrition policies and guidelines for their schools and canteens. Public schools are required to abide by these policies, and independent and Catholic schools are strongly encouraged to adopt them. For more information, check the canteen strategies table or click on the links below:

There is a range of regulations (laws) which a school food service must abide by in operating their canteen or tuckshop, such as food safety and Work Health and Safety.

3) Working with children check

Whether or not you need a working with children check depends on a number of factors. You can find further information on our fact sheet. Unfortunately, there is no national working with children check. Each state and territory has its own rules and regulations.